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Thug is hungry and needs new adventures.He comes from another dimension and needs a young female victim.
He feeds on young girls and pain. But he only gives one chance to play.Knee kicks, head kicks and spine racking are the best torture. They spit a lot, rolling their eyes makes them feel special.He can watch forever, he doesn’t need to give them back their consciousness, it’s in Thug’s hands.
He acts according to all the harsh laws of the universe, the big and strong eat the weak ones.

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3 reviews for Insult

  1. Belly punching lover

    Emili and Gwen is my favourite girls 😍

  2. Barry

    Amazing! One of the best maledom videos I’ve seen! Love all the backbreakers! And the brutal end! The two girls do an amazing job! Can’t wait to see more from this site!

  3. Ceedo

    Great #necksnap #fatality

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