Slavery Of Obedience

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Aria caught in a gang of racketeers of the bloodiest rapist in town.She and her fellow hooligans crossed Bosu’s path. She was caught and kidnapped, she has to answer for all her hooligans and tell them everything.She has to pay her bills on time. These thugs have only the most unorthodox torture techniques. They use her beautiful body for that.Slapping her face, punching her in the stomach, and tying her up, that’s strong domination.
She is very confident and compassionate, but it seems that death is near, and only she can come at any time to get out of the game.
The reptiles from this boss like to torture such beautiful brunettes, they are especially turned on by her being rough and thinking that she can get away with it.ENG Subtitres.

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1 review for Slavery Of Obedience

  1. Ceedo

    Love the #necksnap #fatality and the last line

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