The Quest

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Nicole is unconscious. She seems to have been kidnapped. She’s in the hands of a maniac. He’s crazy as hell. All he thinks about is how to make fun of girls, which seems to be his only point. He suggested we play a game of survival with her. But whether she’s telling the truth, we don’t know.

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3 reviews for The Quest

  1. Ginetto Micidial

    Amazing!! She’s so hot and her reactions are great too!! Love the ending! Hope to see more of her taking brutal beatings!!

  2. Ceedo

    #necksnap #fatality

  3. Tim Caine

    Nicole is gorgeous. And, WOW, does she sell this beatdown well. The ending is sensational. The punches. the blood, it’s all so well done in this video. Not for the squeamish, it’s pretty realistic. My only complaint (and it’s a small complaint) is that the guy shouldn’t speak. He’d be much scarier if he didn’t speak at all. But the video is great and Nicole is a total smoke show.

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