Succubus Abduction Part 1

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The strangers keep order in the universe and the parallel worlds of the fallen angels. In this world they can only be charged with the energy of suffering and rage. They managed to kidnap the fallen angel Succubus of lust and sexuality. She aroused men and sucked their life force. She changed many bodies. She was caught, and the strangers want to live.Eng Subt.

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5 reviews for Succubus Abduction Part 1

  1. MKD fans

    When will Part 2 come out

  2. Pepe

    Incredible video, congratulation.
    Please release de Part II ASAP

  3. prasss

    Hope in part 2 she will wear the dress she wore in the video “Funny Lodgers”!!! I don’t know why, I just want her to wear that dress in part 2

  4. amjad

    where is part 2

  5. MAV

    Was good to see Xenia’s hot bod tied AOH and manhandled by the 2 goons. Hope they get her or the other models in similar situations in future clips and that they get a more secure AOH setup (maybe hanging the wrists by the punching bag chains?)

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