Gorgeous in the arm of Mutant

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She is not only a very beautiful and sexy girl.And also a scientific doctor of virology.Medical microbiologist studying microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases in humans of the latest type.Mutant wants to get the secret of a new deadly weapon for mankind and become a long-lived.But it seems that this beautiful girl is not going to give up.

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1 review for Gorgeous in the arm of Mutant

  1. Mantower

    Excellent video! Ever since I saw Shelly for the first time on Lady7cakes I was hoping she’d appear in a maledom video, and this video answered my hopes. Happy to report she does a great job as a defiant jobber, really acting out pain extremely well while always refusing to have her will broken. Well, if her will can’t be broken her back and neck can, and the villain in this video definitely too care of that. The torture rack he applied was great and she really looked phenomenal in the over the knee back breaker, and the permanent ending was perfect. The only part of my ideal scenario which wasn’t fulfilled in this video is that she wasn’t wearing the boots she had in the L7C video, but that’s just a personal thing and in no way detracts from the overall high quality of this effort. Great job team, and please more of Shelly in trouble (in boots) 🙂

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